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Oud 29 augustus 2017, 15:30   #1
Een winnaar
Geregistreerd: 19 september 2004
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Standaard Cycling4all

Weet er iemand wat er geworden is van de wielersite Cycling4all ?

Beheerder/eigenaar was Wim van Rossum , geloof ik.
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Oud 30 augustus 2017, 00:49   #2
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Hier de tekst die 10 jaar geleden op de site verscheen:

Dear reader,

Nearly 9 years ago I started Cycling4all.com. As a hobby and as a therapy for my illness.

Because I loved the sport since I was a little boy, and grew up with many nice moments of enjoying this sport.

But I did not have any idea about what should going to happen in the years to come.

In the recent years it became clearer, day-by-day, that this cycling world is commiting suicide by the powerlessness of taking adequate action against the enormous doping problem which became public.

The existence of several sophisticated dopingnetworks, including the persons involved and the several (dirty) methods used, even quite often by persons who call themselves “doctors”.

But from the top (UCI) till the bottom (teams) many persons did their utmost to cover the traders and users with the “cloak of charity”, and many cheaters and lyers were protected, instead of being sentenced, by these authorities themselves, even till today.

Not so surprising, because the top of the cycling world, the international and national organizations and particularly the management of nearly all major professional teams are poisoned, by long time doping users in the past, who are now in senior positions.

And they have not the courage, attitude and/or intention to do something against their successors in the use of doping nowadays. On the contrary, it became clear in the last years, that many of them were even directly or indirectly promoting and/or defending the use of doping products and their users.

In addition to this, we have seen the complete disaster of the reorganization of the professional cycling world into the so-called Pro Tour and Continental events and teams.

The legacy of former UCI chairman Hein Verbruggen, who killed with this action, all what he has build up in his whole career with the UCI in the years before.

And thirdly, it became cristal clear that this cyclingworld is dominated by people, who are completely incompetent to run this business, who are only looking after their own – personal – interests and are killing their own sport and business in this way.

Besides many others, it is particularly the UCI management, with the present chairman Mr. Pat McQuaid on top, who are failing for the full 100% to keep cycling alive as a sport and are chasing away the necessary sponsors, one after the other, and can only blame eachother for doing so.

An unique example of mismanagement of a sport and a business.

I have tried – many times - to be critical on one hand to these problems and have presented several possible and contructive solutions on the other hand. And not everybody can say the same.

Because unfortunately, hardly anybody had the understanding, courage and/or energy, to give support and advise and/or assist me with these or other constructive ideas, what perhaps could have been a bit of a help for the (few) goodwilling people in this world. No, they continued in wasting time and energy, by writing negative critics on the several forums and/or hate mails.

And than, after months of hesitation about what to do with my website, at a certain moment it is enough.

And that is NOW.

Because, I am totally flabbergasted and frustated, that nobody is taking any action to save the sport I loved, on the contrary, nearly all (highest) authorities are still going on and even intensifying their activities which are killing the cycling sport as soon as possible.

Finally I want to thank all who have helped and supported me in the past 9 years, and particularly Jitte Hoekstra, who build my website on the technical side and made it possible for me carry out this hobby for so many years.

I have some hope that I have also brought sometimes some pleasure to people with my website, and am still proud that Cycling4all.com was belonging to one of the first cycling websites on the world wide web and was visited in those years more than 12 million times.

kind regards to most of you,

Wim van Rossum - August 2007.

Dit staat er vandaag: http://www.cycling4all.com/

Ik heb er destijds enkele boeken van aangekocht.

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Oud 30 augustus 2017, 20:06   #3
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Geregistreerd: 19 september 2004
Berichten: 2.138

Hartelijk dank , Flupke
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