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Standaard Doping

Doping - My opinion:


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First of all, a rectification : Bobet cannot be on a list of "proven" doping offenses, since in his days there was no testing.
Second, there was a time I would have agreed with you, but not anymore. In the past, doping enhanced the performance marginally and was almost a necessity do go through the long season and especially the criterium-marathon. However, it did not much influence results : those who abused had short careers and performed very erratically. As they said in those days : you cannot turn a donkey into a racing horse with doping.
Today, this is no longer true (let's say since EPO) : you can, and it is almost so that who has the best medical team (or more exact, the best connection to new, generally untested state of the art medical drugs) will have the best results. And taht could kill the sport and hence should be banned and fought.
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